5 Reasons to Repair A Washing Machine

Washing machine is a very important appliance of our home. It contributes immensely to ease our life on daily basis. It saves us from hours of manual labor and take better care of our expensive laundry. However, being the combo of electrical and mechanical network of wires and pipes, it is prone to malfunctioning. There is wide range of reasons behind its being out of order. You should do service of your washing machine periodically, it can save you from lot of sudden trouble. Read on to learn about some important reasons to repair a washing machine.

Reasons To Repair A Washing Machine

There are various reasons to repair a washing but only five most prominent reasons are given below:

  1. Washer Don’t Drain This is the most common problem faced by lot of people around us. Following may be reasons of washer not draining:
    i. Clogging: Its high possibility that drain hose or pump of your washing is choked with little piece of clothes, residual gunk or other wreckages.
    ii. Broken Pump: one of the causes of not properly draining or leaking can be the broken drain pump.
    iii. Error Code: Sometimes programming setting get out of order or simply you choose the wrong the cycle setting for a particular load, it may hinder the drainage process.
  2. Excessive Vibrations Excessive vibrating and moving of washing machine is troublesome. This excessive vibration can damage the delicate components and implants sense of uneasiness in user’s mind. Following can be the reasons behind excessive vibration:
    • Worn out tub bearings which need to be replaced.
    • Shipping bolts are not removed.
    • Unit is not level.
  3. Not Running or Stopping During Mid-Cycle Sometimes washer just don’t start running or stops during mid-cycle. One of primary reasons may broken or worn out door lid. Its push button which on closing the door complete the power circuit. its for safety purpose.
  4. Slow or Static Basket After some time of using washing machine, one can notice the slowing down basket movement and hear the rattling sound coming from the base of washer. It is because of worn out coupler and need to be replaced. It is caused by the regular overloading of the washer.
  5. Power Keeps Tripping: If your washing machine keep tripping the power, then it will not only problematic for your washing machine but other running electric appliances. Tripping of washing machine can be triggered by many factors. Perhaps the fault lies in and around power motor. It can leakage of water which reaches where the power is or the frequent overheating of motor due to overloading.

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