Clean but Smelly: Why Do Self-Cleaning Ovens Smell So Bad?

We are living in fast-paced world where time is money and effort is costly. When we need to clean oven having burned stains, caked-on messes and sticky food particles, the best option is going for self-cleaning feature. It can save your lot of time and energy. This can also save you from highly toxic, corrosive and eye-watering cleaners. However, self-cleaning has a drawback and that is producing very bed smell during the process. It is highly irritating. Read on to learn about exact causes behind this odor.

Reason Behind Bad Smell

Normally, Self-cleaning oven operates by utilizing high heat to separate food molecules and turn them into ashes. These ashes can easily be wiped out. Burning of these grease food particles and forced decomposition of fats caused very bad smell. Bad smell is not only related to self-cleaning; it can also release by using oven cleaning commercial chemical supplies.

Dangers of Self-Cleaning Ovens

 Self-cleaning ovens produce following dangerous chemicals and fumes: 

1.           Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)

2.           Heterocyclic Amines (HCAs)

3.           Carbon Monoxide

PAHs and HCAs are related to cancer if consumed in great doses. Carbon Monoxide can even cause death if consumed in very large doses. However, self-cleaning ovens do not produce these toxics in enough to harm human being. On the other hand, even small amount of these toxics can be dangerous some tropical birds. While using oven one must open the windows of kitchen and remove the pets from house.

How to Limit the Bad Smell

You should not allow bad smell to come in way of cleaning your oven . Fortunately, you can limit the odour coming from your self-cleaning oven by removing the racks and cleaning them by hand. You should put them out while running the self-cleaning cycle. Moreover, you should remove any big pieces of food before starting the self-cleaning, it will reduce the smell greatly.

One of the best ways to limit the bad smell and increase the life of oven is by keeping the oven clean between deep-cleaning sessions. Following are several tips to keep your oven clean:

•            You should wipe the oven spills just after the use by using mild dish soap and can also use baking soda paste for oily spills. To ease the process, you can pre-heat the oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit after placing water inside it. Turn the oven off when you see steam. Steam will loosen up the stuck particles of food.

•            You should use aluminium foil or a silicon oven liner to line the bottom of oven when any baking item is on top of the rack.

•            Use roasting bags while roasting eatables contain high concentration of fat or use a cookie sheet at the bottom to catch the drops.

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