Dryer Not Drying, Heating, or Spinning? Here’s What to Do

Apart from other issues, not heating, not drying and spinning are the most common failures of a dryer. There can be several different reasons behind them. Before you call in for the professional help, you need to know that all dryer’s problems are not require a visit from technician. Read on to learn about some common troubleshooting techniques for a layman to fix these problems. It can save your lot of time and money.

Not Drying                                

If you find out that your clothes are not drying properly even though you feel high intensity of heat coming from your dryer. Following are the possible reasons and their countermeasures, of dryer not drying.

            Default Setting– First do master reset and then change your dryer’s setting from “Timed-Dry” to “Auto-Dry”. Auto-dry senses properly when the load is dry and needs to stop or start.

            Cleaning Vent- A blocked vent confines excessive heat resulting in low circulation hence clothes take very long to dry. This extra heat can damage the fabrics and can initiate a fire. You need to inspect the vent flap outside of your house and clean your vent for dryer’s optimum performance.

            Kinked Hose- If there is nothing wrong with vent flap then you should check duct for any kink or sag and for any obstruction which block the flow of exhaust. Remove any obstruction and straighten the hose.

            Clogged Vent Screen– Owing to accumulation of lint over time, there can be excessive wear, tear and underperformance of dryer. You need to clean the lint screen after every load for dryer’s smooth running. 

Not Heating

Nothing is more annoying than finding out your clothes soaking wet at the end of the cycle. Following are some common reasons behind not heating of dryer except Vent blocking and clogged lint screen as they are already explained in above section.

Tripped Circuit Breaker– Two 120v breakers are needed to run electric is used to run drum and other is for heating the element. Sometimes these breakers get tripped due to various reasons including low or fluctuating voltage. If your dryer is on but not heating. You should investigate your electric penal and reset the breakers if needed.

Improper Gas Supply– Usually gas dryers do not work on low pressure gas. You should check the pressure of the gas and availability of gas at that time.

Irregular Loads– While washing and drying it is essential to put even load means similar items together for better results. Especially in the case of dryer where auto-dry is enabled. If you put clothes of different sizes, little items will dry first. Hence, large items will remain wet.

Its washer, not Dryer– Sometimes your washer is not working properly. It cannot remove enough water from clothes due to problems of spinning or drainage. It will make job harder for dryer.

Not Spinning

If you are handy with some basic tools you can easily fix these issues behind not spinning of dryer. They are as follow:

Worn out or Broken Belt– One of the most common issues. First, you should move drum by hand and if its move freely without any resistance than you need to unplug you dryer and open the lid to inspect the belt and replaced it if required

Worn Out Rollers– Remove the belt and move drum by hand and if its not move freely than probably your drum rollers are worn out. Replace them all at once

Worn Out Bearings– Remove the dryer belt and move the drum by hand. If it does not move freely and produces squealing and grinding sound than you need to replace your drum bearings

If problems are extreme and couldn’t detect what cause dryer malfunction it is better to handover problem to experts. Daewoo dryer service center Dubai can look for you.

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