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Same Day Service
Call: 056-812-7300

Rated 4.8 out of 5
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Rated 4.8 out of 5
Instant Anything Booking
Fully Verified Experts
Unbeatable Upfront Prices

Fridge Repair Dubai

Dubai Electronics Repair fully understands the inconvenience when your refrigerator malfunctions and does not work, even for a while. For this reason, our company provides reliable fridge repair services and maintenance in Dubai, UAE.

Fridge repair services in Dubai can be vital, especially for those used daily. Regular inspections will ensure an effective performance over time while also extending their life expectancy. Our company ensures all this, which is why we are known as the best home appliances repair service provider in Dubai.



Fridge Repair in Dubai with Speed and Efficiency

When a fridge goes down, our team is always available to help you assist in providing you with fridge repair services. Our technicians will arrive at your residence or business and ensure that nothing leaks while they fix it quickly.

We’ve got experience working on all makes and models, so no matter what type you need, from small household units to commercial size fridges.

Types of Refrigerators We Repair

Your home refrigerator is a vital part of your daily life. When it breaks down, you need a refrigerator repair technician who knows what they’re doing to fix the problem quickly and efficiently so that everything can return to normal as soon as possible. Moreover, there are several options to consider while looking for a refrigerator. Our experts, proficient in providing fridge repair Dubai services, have listed different types of freezers along with their pros and cons to assist you in buying decisions.

Top Freezer Refrigerators

A top freezer refrigerator won’t do much to improve the appearance of a kitchen, but it will serve as a reliable method for preserving food. A top freezer fridge is an excellent choice if you are single, have a smaller kitchen, or prefer to put more of your spending into other equipment.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

In recent years, bottom-freezer refrigerators have risen to the top of the refrigerator popularity list. This bottom freezer design is common in French door refrigerators, but there are other great options if you’re searching for a single-door model.

French Door Refrigerator

French door refrigerators are highly sought-after models for contemporary kitchens. A French door refrigerator contains two doors that open in the center to display large shelving within and a freezer drawer that swings out from underneath, just like French doors in a home.

Side-by-Side Refrigerators

Having top to bottom shelves on both sides, a side-by-side side refrigerator has a freezer on one side and a refrigerator on the other. The refrigerator side is often bigger than the freezer side.

Brands of Refrigerators We Repair

Whatever type of refrigerator you have, our team can get it working like new again at an affordable price.

dubai electronics repair all brands
  • Samsung fridge repair Dubai
  • LG fridge repair Dubai
  • Haier fridge repair
  • Nikai fridge repair
  • Daewoo fridge repair
  • Super General fridge repair
  • Hisense fridge repair
  • WestPoint fridge repair
  • Frigidaire fridge repair
  • Bosch fridge repair
  • Siemens fridge repair
  • Teka fridge repair
  • Baumatic fridge repair
  • Maytag fridge repair
  • Panasonic fridge repair
  • Kenwood fridge repair
  • Nobel fridge repair
  • Elekta fridge repair
  • Miele fridge repair
  • Akai and more

Common Fridge, Refrigerator, and Deep Freezer Problems

Noise Loud

If you hear tapping, scraping, or knocking sounds from your fridge and it’s generally making an unusual noise, there could be something wrong with one of the components. A clicking sound may indicate that some ice maker problem has been detected. In contrast, vibrating indicates too-close proximity to another surface, such as a desktop which leads us to believe they are not level (or have a loose drain pan).

Over Iced

It is not normal for everything in your freezer to be coated with ice. You might try defrosting it, but if this doesn’t work, please call (056 812 7300) a repair technician because there could be problems related to temperature control within the compartment.



Contact your local repair contractor immediately if you notice water on the floor near the appliance or after moving it to clean underneath. These issues can lead to water damage. Refrigerator leaks often go unnoticed, so check around and under them once or twice a year.

Excessive Temperature

When you put your hand on the back outside of your refrigerator and feel hotter than usual, it could mean one thing: there’s a problem with its cooling system. If this happens, don’t hesitate to call our technician.

Your Food Spoils Faster

Is the fridge not working? The problem might be with its temperature or insulation. If you notice that your food starts to spoil or smell faster than usual, then something may have gone wrong inside the appliance; call us. We’ll take care of getting it fixed right away.

Main Working Parts of a Refrigerator

The compressor contracts the refrigerator vapor and thrusts it into outer coils. The liquid becomes wet at high pressure when hot gas meets cooler air. It enters the freezer, where the cooling effect is continued by engrossing heat inside the fridge until finally, refrigerant dries out to gas which returns towards the compressing stage, from where the process starts all over again!

  • Compressor
  • Condenser coils
  • Lights
  • Fluid refrigerant
  • Evaporator coils

What to do before calling for Refrigerator Repair Dubai?

We know the difficulty that can arise when you face such an incident. So, if your fridge is not working and defrosting does not solve it, call us! Our company will be available 24 hours to assist with any problems faced during this period regarding your appliances repair and provide solutions on what needs to be repaired or replaced immediately while still looking at other issues causing similar symptoms.

When you notice any of these signs on your fridge, it might be time to call a technician for fridge repair services:

Heat in the Back of the Fridge

Unless your fridge is fairly hot to the touch, you shouldn’t be concerned if its lower vent or back feels warm. However, if the back of the fridge gets too hot, it may be worrisome. Although refrigerators can overheat, a few maintenance procedures can maintain your refrigerator and condenser in good working order. It is where Dubai Electronics jumps in for your refrigerator repair in Dubai.

Unstable Temperature

The condenser fan or evaporator fan could be damaged if the refrigerator is still not getting cold. A professional who specializes in appliance repair must handle these refrigerator problems. Worry not, for we have those expert technicians to solve your freezer issues.

A lot of Frost in the Freezer

When the temperature in the refrigerator drops too low, the problem might also go the other way. Frost buildup is more prone to occur in older refrigerators. If your refrigerator has this problem, look first for a broken door seal letting warm, humid air in. It is a typical reason for freezer frost. If it isn’t the issue, there might be a problem with the defrost sensor in the refrigerator. To assist you with the repair, a specialist is required. Thus, you may call Dubai Electronics for this purpose because we have the best specialists in town!

High Energy Consumption Due to Thermostat Failure

A broken refrigerator thermostat may result in systemic issues with the entire appliance. To maintain a cool environment, the thermostat manages the compressor. If not, you can experience a troublesome breakdown, and perishable food might rot. Contact Dubai Electronics if you observe any refrigerator thermostat issues.

Why choose Dubai Electronics for Fridge Repair Services?

We get this question from our satisfied customers and the excellent reviews that accompany us. Our company offers complete solutions for your refrigerator, including diagnosing problems and repairs by expert technicians, so you don’t have to worry about future damages caused by similar issues.

If you live in Dubai and your refrigerator is not working properly, call Dubai Electronics Repair for efficient service.

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We offer home appliances repair services in Dubai, and the refrigerator is one of them. The issues mentioned above are just a few of many. Numerous things can go sideways with your refrigerators. For instance, the spoilage of food and over-freezing of the fridge leading to excessive amounts of ice produced are a few more problems. When things go wrong, don’t hesitate to contact us for help with any repairs that need doing. Make an appointment as soon as possible, and we’ll be there on time! Let us handle your fridge repairing issues for we provide the best maintenance services at the most reasonable prices.


Unclean compressors frequently result in loud humming. The compressor coils on the back of your refrigerator dissipate heat, but when they are covered in dust, they must work harder and louder to do so. If your compressor is making noises, immediately call a home appliances repair company to get your refrigerator fixed.

If the light on your refrigerator won’t turn on, it may be because the bulb has burned out or reached the end of its useful life. Look inside the bulb to determine whether there is a black spot or a damaged, loose filament. If the filament within the bulb is damaged, you could hear a rattling sound when you shake it. This indicates that you need to call a fridge repair service.

The normal domestic refrigerator uses between 100 and 250 watts of power. The refrigerator records between 1 and 2 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of total energy use throughout a24 hours Every time the refrigerator door is opened, more energy is consumed because some of the colder interior air is replaced by warmer exterior air. The refrigerator needs additional energy and labor to lower the temperature.

Your refrigerator compressor failure is caused by several things. They consist of unclean condenser coils, refrigerant issues, excessive voltage surges, and ordinary wear and tear. During a voltage fluctuation, the fridge and its parts, especially the compressor of the fridge, experience an abrupt rise in electrical current that generates excessive heat. You need to call a fridge repair service immediately if such a scenario occurs.

The gasket, the rubber seal that wraps around the exterior of the refrigerator and freezer doors, is the source of the majority of fridge door issues. The gasket cannot create the seal necessary to keep your refrigerator tightly closed and filled with cold if it is unclear, distorted, separated, or has grown hard over time. A refrigerator repair service is required in such cases.

Cleaning the gasket using a sponge or a washcloth and firmly wiping the entire length of the rubber gasket clean is one of the ways to repair it. Other methods include reattaching it with, for instance, adhesive tape or cement (a type of glue), replacement of the entire seal, and tightening of the hinges. For the latter part, always call for fridge repair services to deal with technical issues as it requires more expertise.

Depending on the issue, fixing your refrigerator could take one to two hours or some proficient experts may even take up to three to four hours to repair the fridge. A serious problem, however, may end up taking a few days for the fridge to get fixed up.

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